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Christian Booklet

The "Busy" Life

Every single day you make decisions. What to eat. What to wear. How to respond. Where to give your time. How to spend your money. Who to listen to. What to believe.

Decision fatigue is real and can leave you exhausted and confused. Oftentimes, we end up making choices that are the easiest or feel the most urgent instead of what might be best for us in the long run.

Sometimes our lists of to do's are so long and overwhelming we don't even know where to start.

Luckily, we have a Father in heaven who is absolutely clear about what is important, what is good and where He wants our focus to be. all starts with Him.

Take some time today to ask your Father about the decisions you've been making. Get honest with Him about what's been causing you anxiety, what you're scared to do, and what really brings you joy.

Ask Him to realign your priorities to His and how to find rest in Him in the midst of your busy schedule.

Some of us need to ask for the courage to remove things from our plate. Some of us need to ask for help building courage and discipline. Some of us need encouragement to continue making the best choices. Some of us need His peace.

We're praying for you and with you.

Much love,
WIT Sisterhood

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