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by: Jenn Jennings

We hope you enjoyed the first episode. If you haven't had a chance to listen, below are the links to listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We asked Jenn Jennings to provide her summary and takeaways from episode one. Our goal is to provide you with additional insight and resources for each episode as they are released. Thank you again for your time. We hope that you takeaway some of God's goodness.

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So I find myself asking this question as of late in pursuing sisterhood - what is the difference between a friendship and a sisterhood? To me, a friendship can still be honest & transparent but it doesn’t always include being vulnerable. You see, there is a difference between transparency and vulnerability. A friendship can still be this surface-y relationship where I only tell you the things that don’t reveal who I truly am. A sisterhood is a support system that I can truly be vulnerable with. Where I can share my deepest secrets and issues that I hide in order to disguise struggles and temptations, to avoid experiencing shame or hide within myself to avoid feeling pain and hurt. It's real life.

My experience with this sisterhood in particular has been that as the sisterhood grows, I further become confident in who God is; therefore I am more confident in who I am. One of the greatest thing about sisterhood is that it’s real - existing in reality and not only the good moments that I highlight on social media. Sisterhood also won’t allow me to exist in the depths of my flesh for long - I can linger for some moments in whatever I feel BUT I can’t stay there. This is sisterhood.

"I have a choice to take my mask off and put on my crown and my sister comes along and fixes my crown when needed and vice versa."

So how does this apply to WIT? Our foundation is believing and following Jesus and His truth which is our truth. Whatever Is True Sisterhood is born from Philippians 4:8

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever if admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things."

This is to me what sisterhood looks like. Friendships rooted in faith that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Sisterhood is having a tribe of women who provide support to each other with intentional listening, prayer, and advice as we grow in our faith. It's a no judgment zone where we can be vulnerable with each other and create life long friendships. And let's be clear. We tackle real life issues that affect us all. Although there is a lot of laughter, it's not always light and fun. We understand that life can be challenging but with God all things are possible.

Personally, if I call myself a Jesus follower, I want to start behaving and acting in that manner. I want to help other women find peace and healing as we all move through this life and in turn this allows me to also learn and grow. The beauty of this group has been that this group has grown organically through the miracles of God. It has provided me with the sisterhood I didn't know I needed. A place to share, learn, laugh and cry.

If you call yourself a Jesus follower, I am inviting you to that kind of sisterhood, not just a friendship but something powerful. Would you consider joining me in this pursuit? If you are, simply subscribe to our podcast, follow us on social media and look for our next study. We would love to connect with you! Until then, keep checking back to our website for additional information. We are happy to have you here.

- Jenn

Episode One Homework:

Following are a few questions to help you assess where you are at in your journey and if sisterhood is something missing in your life.

Self-Care Questions

  1. How many minutes or hours a day, during the week or month do you exercise true self care?

  2. Do you prioritize self care?

  3. If so, do you included spiritual health and growth as part of your self care?

  4. Do you need assistance or resources in defining self care or spiritual health?

  5. Do you find that you are you self-isolating? Here are a few examples:

    • Do you avoid social interactions, including those that were once enjoyable?

    • Do you cancel plans frequently and feel relief when plans are canceled?

    • Do you experience anxiety or panic when thinking about social interactions?

If you have answered yes to these questions or find that you really haven't considered spiritual growth as part of your self love and care, don't despair. This is more common than not. But the good news is that there is path forward. You just need to take the first steps. Below we have provided some pointers on how to begin making some changes.


  • First find your tribe. Whether it is here at WIT or not, find a group of women who can support you as you move through life and grow in your faith.

  • It's important to show up. Be consistent in engaging with your sisters. It takes little effort but can have big returns. Even on the days you don't want to show up, show up. You'll be surprised at what you may takeaway or learn on those tough and tired days.

  • Engage and Honor each others journeys. Listen and be respectful.

  • Don’t be afraid to challenge/sharpen one another, speak out the truths of God Sisterhood Commitment.

  • Acknowledge that spiritual growth is key in self care and self love. Seek out resources to further you along in your journey and know that the "restart button" is absolutely ok. Not everyone's journey looks the same. Find what works best for you to prioritize God in your life. Consider joining one of our study groups as a step one.

Finally, understand that the "cost" is your time and capacity, prioritizing your self care, uncomfortable moments, and vulnerability. It may seem like a big ask, but we find growth when we are ready to take off our masks and put our crowns on. You don't have to do life alone. The lie we tend to believe is that we are alone, but the truth is we were made to be in community. We encourage you to follow our group or to simply Find your Sisterhood!

Related Scripture

Hebrews 10:24-25 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Our team is here to answer any questions and to pray for you. Simply fill out the contact form or email us at to reach us.

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